Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island located at the bottom of India which was Britain’s colony until 1948 and was called Ceylon until 1972. It has more than 20 million people and more than 65 square km area. The language and ethnic of people are Senegalese and Tamil. The main religions are Buddhist and Indo and […]

SS.Raffaello Wreck

Bushehr (Raffaello Wreck)

SS.Raffaello Wreck Design and Construction In 1958, the Italian Line began planning new ships to replace the ageing MS Saturnia and MS Vulcania. Competition from jet airliners had not yet had a huge impact in the Mediterranean area and jobs were needed for Italian sailors and shipyard workers, so constructing new superliners seemed like an attractive idea […]

Shahid Abbaspour Dam (Masjed soleyman)

Diving in Shahid Abbas Pour Dam (Masjed soleyman) Altitude: 535 m water Temp: 19 degrees at midday and 16 degrees at night location: 55 km north east of Masjed Soleyman visibility: 6m deepest point: about 400 m suitable for deep dives and altitude dives Deep Diver & Altitude diver specialty course Special thanks to Mr. […]